Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Accosted by Thieves

                                                        Thieves By Bridge
                                                                From the life of Waila Francis

A day I realized God’s hand in my life. 

Being asked by the Elders to wash their mission car to raise some funds for my mission, other young men in my branch were not happy about it.  They also wanted to wash because they also needed to prepare for their mission.  Elders explained to them but they {did not} listen.  As a result my fellow young men stopped working with missionaries and I remained {the} only one.  There were six missionaries {living in the area}, that is three groups (companionships) I needed to work with.  I used to rise at 4 AM to walk to their apartment and I would reach at 7 AM.  From 9:30 I would work with the District Leaders.  From 12:30 I would work with another (companionship) and then at 4:30 I would work with the Zone Leaders until 9:30 PM.

One day we were finding new members to teach with the missionaries.  We found a new family (Brian and Stella) which we taught up until 9:00 PM.  I had to walk home (which was very far).  Elders asked to have a prayer and then I started walking home.  Being deep in the village the path I used could pass in the forest and by {the} bridge.  As I came nearer to the bridge, I saw a light and even men with guns beating a certain old man.  They were trying to rob him.  I felt strong as I walked nearer to them.  They asked, “Where are you {coming} from?”  I replied, “From teaching the gospel.  They said, “Which gospel?”  At the end they asked me to remove my shoes, shirt and everything.  I had a phone and money (5,000 shillings) {that they took}. They threw my scriptures into the river.  I had the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, the Old Testament and the New Testament.  I sat down and they wanted more money, which I didn’t have.  They slapped me strongly and beat me.  I prayed silently to my Heavenly Father. 

They continued beating me until they gave me my shoes.  As I started to walk away they called me back {to give me} my shirt.  They then beat me again.  The Lord finally softened their hearts and they let me go. 

Reaching home my parents said to me that they were praying for me.  (Because it was so late and they were worried.)  I was sick for almost one month having pain and wounds.  In the morning as I was going to the hospital I found a crowd of people trying to get out the dead body which was floating on the water.  I realized that he was the man whom the thieves were beating the night before with me.  They had killed him.  On that day I realized God’s hand in my life.  Whenever we serve Him, Jesus taught, that He will be on our right hand and we are surrounded with angels.  I testify that scripture is true.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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