Wednesday, May 17, 2017


                     One of the Challenging Weeks in Preparing an Investigator for Baptism
                            From the life of Waila Francis

Whenever we do what is right we face hard times but God places someone in our way.

One day as we were doing findings with the Elders, we found a family which was ready to receive the restored gospel.  We taught the first lesson and the second the following day.  Then the Elders were taken out of our branch and I remained with the responsibility to continue preparing them for baptism.  That week I was supposed to prepare them, was the week my mother was admitted to the hospital.  Being the eldest son in the family I had responsibility to take care of my little brother and sisters at home (seven of them) as well as my mum in the hospital. 

It was one of the most difficult times I have ever faced.  In addition to that we didn’t have enough food.  We used to have one meal a day.  But still I serve God and the family.  One day I went with my companion (another branch missionary) to that very family.  I didn’t have anything to eat.  We taught them.  On our way back I was so hungry and thirsty. 

We met a woman {by the way} and asked her for a glass of water.  We did not have any money with us.  The woman looked at me and she said, “You don’t only need a glass of water but even food.”  I said,  “We don’t have any money.”  She asked us, “What do you do?”  I answered and told her that we were branch missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She said, “Your Church has a lot of money.  How comes that for you, you don’t have money.”  We explained to her the meaning of a missionary and that we don’t get paid.  She wanted to give us food so that we can pay later which my companion supported.  I knew I didn’t have any possible ways of getting money and said to her that a glass of water was enough for me.  She said, “I also need my Heavenly Father’s blessing since you are missionaries.”  She asked us to take seats and she served us with a lot of food including soft drinks.  We had enough, which I didn’t expect in my life to happen.  I said to her that we had a wonderful gift to {give} her and finally we gave her a restoration pamphlet.  We invited her to church.  She attended church for two Sundays and then stopped.  We knew it was not her time to receive the restored gospel, but she was prepared to serve us, especially me who never had anything in my stomach when I left to go out and teach.  I will never forget that day.

I testify that as we stay faithful and obedient to God’s commandments, even in difficult times, the Lord will always place people to help us and strengthen us.  Even to provide for our needs.  I know God lives.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Lord’s restored church.  Thomas S. Monson is His prophet today.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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