Tuesday, January 24, 2017


On Saturday President Isaac asked if I would come up with a game for our YSA FHE to help the single adults have more of a spiritual learning experience while having fun.  I told him my idea of having a Jeopardy type game with questions from different categories.  He said that would be perfect so Monday was spent preparing for YSA FHE.  

He wanted for me to bring some kind of refreshment to go along with the activity so the first thing on  my Monday morning was to try to accomplish that.  I have been wanting to make rice krispie treats since I found rice krispies in Kampala last month.  There are NO marshmallows in Uganda.  I have never seen ANY!  But I did find a recipe from the good ole' Houston cookbook that made rice krispie treats from corn syrup.  Well, long story short,  I bought the closest thing that looked like corn syrup and it turned out to be thicker than molasses!  I tried it anyway and even though they were a little hard...not soft and chewy like rice krispie treats should be, they turned out ok and the kids didn't seem to mind.  

I also had some lemon cake mixes sent to us last month in a couple of Christmas packages we received so I whipped up some lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting.  As per usual everything was gone by the end of the activity so I consider my baking a success:)

As for the game, I made up questions in five categories.  Church History, B of M, New Testament, Old Testament, and Latter day Prophets and Apostles.  I had five questions in each category and one thing I learned is that these kids are smart!!  They answered nearly EVERY question right!  Minus one.  Next time I will make them REALLY hard!

We decided for fun that we would make a 1000 point bonus question.  We stumped them with....."What was the name of the first person that we know of that Alma the Elder baptized?
They were really trying to come up with the answer but couldn't do it.  They had a lot of good guesses though:)  Do you know the answer????

We sure do love our Mbale YSA!

We had about 15 come to the activity.  I will name all I remember.  Gerald Mutebi, Gerald Namale, Francis Waila Solomon, Betty, Daniel, President Isaac, Sarah, Aaron, Francis Ojulu, Steven, Joshua, Oscar, Andrew, and Erasmus.

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  1. Hey--I was right in my guess--I guessed Helam, then I looked it up. (I actually surprised myself to think I KNEW it!!) I think it would be fun to see ALL your questions! (I think that would be HARD--to come up with a whole game full of questions!! Sounds like you did GOOD!) :) Your gathering looks really fun, and I'm glad your homemade food turned out so great--I think THAT would be really hard, TOO--Making goodies out of unfamiliar or unusual ingredients. You are doing such a good work, Janell--both of you!! Love, Karen