Saturday, October 15, 2016

We made it to Uganda

Tuesday morning we left for our six month adventure to Africa.  I really surprised myself by not being too emotional.  Brach and Kendra and the kids brought us in to the airport and quite frankly I expected to be sobbing the whole way there.  Not so.  I did cry a little while hugging the family goodbye but what a relief that I did not lose myself in a cryfest!  

We got ourselves a window seat for our first leg of ten hours to Amsterdam.  It's nice that this was a direct flight.

While in the Netherlands we got to stock up on Stroopwafels!  Rick loves these things!

After a two hour layover in Amsterdam we flew ANOTHER ten hours to Uganda with a quick stop in Rwanda.  I was ready to get off of that plane!  The Collingses and the Bratsman's (the office couple) were there to greet us and get us over to the mission home.  It's good to be back with our dear friends:)

After the hour drive (the traffic was good so it was not the regular two hour drive) we made it to the mission home where we visited for another hour before settling into bed at 2AM.  After a pretty good nights rest we woke up to this beautiful sight off of our balcony.
Uganda is very tropical and beautiful!

Here's a shot of our room (sorry, this picture is kind of dark but the room is very comfortable:)

We ventured out for a walk and Rick found this HUGE snail out on the lawn.

After a breakfast pancakes that Tracy made for us we got to go into a store and get a few necessities for Rick and I and then we went to the mission office to meet and greet the staff.  We were also able to get instruction from Pres. Collings on his vision of what is to take place in Mbale and Busia where we will be over the branches.
These are things that he wants us to do:

*Make sure that the auxiliaries are running sufficiently and that they will go out and visit in the members' homes at least once a week.
*Make sure Home and Visiting Teaching are organized.
*Go out and visit in the members' homes at least once a week.
*Find and teach people.
*Help to bring unity into the branch

This is our charge and we will best try to do it!

After the afternoon at the office we had a nice dinner at the Medditeraneo Restaurant with President and sister Collings.
A good beginning to our Uganda experience!

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