Monday, October 31, 2016

Life in Africa

My last post was a lot of words....this one is a lot of pictures!  
This is just a little glimpse into African life.
Some of these pictures are not very clear.  Sorry about that but I usually see cool stuff when we're whizzing by in a car so I have to hurry and snap the shot.

The women carry just about anything on their heads.  

                                                                       Boda Boda

                   These taxis are everywhere and they always have some religious saying on the back.
They are ALWAYS jam packed with people.  It looks like a terrible way to have to get from one place to another.

                                             A clothing shop off of the highway

           A furniture shop just off the highway.  They just set it all outside to showcase it.

                                                     Cooking for the public outdoors.

This is a butcher.  The meat sits outside all day in the hot sun.  I am so amazed that more people are not deathly sick from this practice.

                                                                  A mud hut.

                   An old woman working in the field.  The Africans use only hand tools.

Old tires are common toys for children to play with.  They like to roll them with a stick.

A fruit market along the highway.

The cattle is transported by tying their horns and tails to the top of the truck.  That keeps them steady.

We love the samosas!

This is not a great picture because we were passing this vehicle in the rain.
 It is not uncommon to see live chickens tied to the top of a taxi.

Pretty much anything goes on the back of a boda boda.
Today I saw one carrying a casket.

This looks heavy......another car picture:(

                                        One of the many boreholes located in the villages.

 Children all over the place.  When we stop to visit someone or give a lesson we usually have a group of them follow us.  They are so curious.  We always try to keep candy in the car for them.

This is fascinating to me.  I love the way the mothers carrying their babies on their backs.  Even sometimes while carrying heavy goods on their heads.  The balance is incredible!


                                                               Yup, just like I said......

                                       A woman wearing the traditional gomezi dress.

Watch out for the boda bodas

In the mornings the men/women cut their feed for their cattle with a machete and then carry it back to their animals.

These fish were totally gross!  They smelled rotten and had flies all over them.
Really?  And you're trying to sell them?  HMMM.....

                            There are termite hills all over the countryside.  They are huge!!

Bikes are used not only for carrying passengers ....

....but carrying goods as well.  I have seen them with firewood, Jeri Cans (for water), chickens, vegetables, steel bars,  pineapple, matoke, whatever they can tie on they will.

This was interesting....on our visits Saturday we walked past a home with these graves out in the backyard not thirty feet from the back door.  That was something new.  I hadn't seen that before.

They start young learning to balance Jeri Cans on their heads.

This was fun.  We drove past these kids playing in a banana tree.  The little one was stark naked.  Actually a lot of the small children run around without anything on.
                               I'm not sure why they do.....but I love those naked babies!!

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  1. Wow--Interesting pictures--Interesting way of Life!!! That Fruit Market looked the most appetizing of all those outdoor markets, and those termite hills look FRIGHTENING!! (...It looks like maybe those creatures from "Tremors" might come outta them!!) :) Thanks for all these insights into your area.
    Love, Karen