Monday, October 10, 2016

Missionary Training Center

This past week was our wonderful experience at the MTC.  We arrived Monday morning and were greeted by many smiling faces.  The MTC is run like a well oiled ship.  Everyone knows where they are to be and what they are to be doing! We had someone there every step of the way.  From where to park to picking up our mission packet to someone taking our luggage and escorting us to our rooms, to the immunization dept. to the travel dept. to the lunch room to our first meeting.  We were taken very well care of and we didn't even have the opportunity to get lost.

Our first meeting was held in a large room with around 84 senior missionaries.  We were welcomed and heard talks from the MTC Presidency and then each of the couples (and 8 single sister missionaries) introduced themselves and said where they were from, where they were going and what their particular assignment would be.  I was amazed at the feeling of unity of this big group as we all talked about our different areas of intended service.  Here we all were with the same serve the Lord wherever He wanted us to go.  We figured we had about 65% going to serve foreign missions while the other 35% would be staying stateside.  We had several that would be staying in SL at the Church and Family History Mission.  While Rick and I were the only couple going to Africa their were many missionaries called to serve around the globe.  Represented were missionaries going to the Philippines, Marshall Islands, England, Lebanon, Greece, China, Finland, Norway, and Indonesia.  I'm sure there are more I just can't remember all of them.

Toward the end of this meeting we were split into Districts with four couples in our district.  
It included:  

The Beacksteads from Alpine UT, who are going to serve in Hong Kong with the assignment of Public Relations over the Pacific Area.  This entails working with about ten different missions and many different countries in improving the relations with these countries.  In some places the Church is viewed unkindly by the people so Elder and Sister Beckstead through many different means i.e., organizing service projects to help communities, meeting with different dignitaries, working with schools.....etc.  will help to give the Church some good publicity.

Next we had the Steeles.  They are from South Jordan,UT.  They will be serving in the Indonesia Jakarta mission as MLS (missionary leader support) missionaries.  Along with strengthening the members of the church they will also be working a great deal with the muslim people (since Indonesia is mostly Muslim)  

The Hawkins', from the Sacramento, CA area, will be serving in Greece as Humanitarian Missionaries.  They will be working with other charities to help the large number of refugees flowing into the area from Syria and Northern Africa.  There is not an LDS program there yet, but the Hawkins' will head up the LDS Charities Organization and if I understand right will be able to help distribute donations to the correct charities.  They will be able to go into the refugee camps and meet with people and assess their needs.

the infamous "map"

enjoying a walk outside .....

Our District.......The Hawkins, The Beacksteads, Rick and I, and The Steeles.  (below)  We all got along so great and there's something that brings you closer as you spend lots of time role-playing! :-)  We had lots of wonderful discussions that taught great principles and teaching skills.
               These are really great people that are going to do A LOT of good in the world!
                                              I am exited to follow them on their journey!

The cafeteria was a wonderful place to be!  Not just because of the food but because this is where we got to mingle with the young missionaries.  Generally we tried to sit by a bunch of young un's and find out a little about them.....where they were going to serve, how long they had been there, and if they were learning a new language. We got to meet many outstanding  Elders and Sisters.  They truly radiated goodness.   What a privilege it was to be associated with them!  

I was always amazed at the amount of food that was produced to feed these couple thousand missionaries in a such a short amount of time.  THREE TIMES A DAY! That is A LOT of food!  
 It all just runs so smoothly and everyone is so courteous and nice.

                                             Wednesday was ice cream day.
                                           Not gonna lie. I had two scoops!!

Wednesday evening we had some free time so we did some sealings at the Provo City Center Temple.  This place is just so beautiful inside.  I love it!

Here is our morning teacher Sister Robertson.  

And one of our afternoon teachers, Brother Wade.  Brother Hyde was our other afternoon teacher but I didn't get a picture of him.  He got married on that Friday so we didn't get to finish with him.

There is sooo much time spent sitting indoors.  It's nice when you can get out into the sun on a warm day.

My learning experience at the MTC was phenomenal!  It's been a long time since I was in school so I was a little concerned about learning everything I needed to know about being a good missionary.  I learned A LOT!  I have written very specific entries in my personal journal of what I learned but on this forum I will just mention a few:

*Our main purpose is to "invite people to Christ"
*We are not the only ones who are leaving all we know and love to serve the Lord.  We are part of a great army of missionaries and it is truly an exciting adventure!
*With the Lord's help I can do great things!
*Our children will be fine while we are away and this will be a great opportunity for each of them to learn and grow as well.
*Preach My Gospel is AMAZING....(really,  I already knew that but it was wonderful talking about it with other missionaries.
*The natural man turns inward and the Lord always turns outward.  I want to be like the Lord by turning outward and be a giver instead of taker.
*In all that I do Jesus Christ will be the center of what I teach and how I live.  

The MTC was a wonderful place of learning and growth.  It was a definite shot in the arm as we get ready to fly out TOMORROW!  Aaaagghhhh!  I still have so much to do to get ready! 

Next time I post we'll be in UGANDA!! See you on the other side of the world!!  :-)

our room and me journaling......


  1. The MTC is truly an amazing place! I got to work in the bookstore there while I was going to BYU and loved the experience! What struck me is how organized everything about the church is!

  2. What a great Over-view of the MTC experience!! Thanks for this writing!! I love seeing your beautiful happy SMILE in most ALL the pictures! It looks like you truly were enjoying yourself the WHOLE TIME--How NICE!!

    I eagerly await hearing your next Uganda Experiences!! Love, Karen

  3. What wonderful experiences you and Elder Phelps are having. Your blog is beautiful and full of so much interesting information. I'm so happy that you are settled in missionary work now. What an experience right! We loved getting to know you and Rick in the MTC. It was inspiring to learn and grow with you. All the best!