Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January Happenings

January is flying by....
I wanted to document some things that we've been doing.  Mostly to have it in writing.

In primary I am teaching the kids a new song (well it's actually been around a while but it's new to them) and it has been a joy to me.  The song is "I Know That My Savior Loves Me" and it is wonderful!!  Teaching this song gives me a chance to bear my testimony of the Savior to the children and I love that:)

Rick and I served in the temple for just two Wednesday's this month because it is closing down for remodeling/cleaning for four weeks.  I will miss being there with the youth and of course, with all of the amazing people that I work with:)

On Thursday the 8th,  Rick and I traveled separately to St. George for the weekend.  We had been planning to stay until Tuesday but Rick had to be back for meetings on Sunday.  It worked out well because when he left Saturday evening to come back home I got in my car and headed South for an overnighter with my parents.  It worked out great and I was able to be back in St. George the next evening with a hot dinner ready for Rick when he drove up.  I had a nice visit with my mom and dad. It sure is good being able to drive up the driveway of my childhood home and just....hang out:)
Skylar and Sarah (and Henry) had spent the week in St. George so we got to spend Thursday and Friday with them.  We ate out, played games, and played with Henry.  On Friday, the weather was quite pleasant so we went over to the mini golf and played a round.  The girls dominated with Sarah in first and me coming in second!  It was a really enjoyable time.  Rick and I had planned to spend Monday doing some Spring Cleaning but it was a dreary day and I took the morning and watched a movie.  Belle.  It is fast becoming one of my favorites:)  I rarely turn the TV on during the daytime because it doesn't seem right to do but I didn't care!  We got some spring cleaning done the next day before we left to come back home!

Last Thursday we were invited by Rick's sister and her husband (Karen and Dennis) to go to Lava Hot Springs for the night.  Dennis had done some work there and had some trade for hotel rooms.  There were six couples in all that night....Dennis and Karen, Brent and Lar, Brad and Ruth, Hal and Janis, Larry and Darla, and Rick and I.  We had a very nice dinner at a place called 78 Main (who thought that such good food could be had in such a small town:)  and then met in a room for treats, stories, and jokes.  It was a fun evening for us all.....even though I did get a little sleepy, huh Karen?
The next morning was great.  After our morning walk Rick and I went over to the hot pools and soaked for an hour.  Darla joined us about half way through.  Then we met everyone for a late breakfast at the Chuckwagon Restaurant which was really nice as well.  For a last hurrah a few of us went back to the hot pools....(did I mention that it was snowing?  It was really fun to be sitting in the hot pools while the snow came tumbling down.)  I first went in for a massage.  Has anyone heard of "a shiatsu"?  That's what I had.  It's a massage where the therapist uses her feet.  It was my first time to try that and it was PDG!!  (Pretty Darn Good:)

Last Sunday Hannah Dee spoke in church before she is to leave on her mission next week.  She will be serving in the Cleveland Ohio Mission with her assignment being in the Kirtland Visitors Center.  She gave an awesome talk about how she has been able to prepare for her mission.  She is such a great person and will be an excellent missionary!  Chris, Dalton, and Austin sang the hymn "I Believe in Christ"  and it was wonderful too:)  The Allen's had a big shindig after church and it was nice to visit with some of my nieces and nephews.

Last of all......
Today is our anniversary!!!  Twenty six years!
Rick sent me some beautiful roses and we are going to have a night out on the town!  I will blog about it later....I need to go get ready:)  Bye!

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  1. I'm in the Stake Primary Presidency and have visited a few wards over the last few weeks who are learning that song as well. I love it! Looks like you are keeping busy! Miss you guys!