Monday, January 26, 2015

Chocolate Cake

Last week as Rick and I were coming out of Hale Theatre (our anniversary night), Rick checked his messages.  Their was a message from a young father in our Stake telling Rick that his kids dropped something on our doorstep earlier that evening.  Curious, when we got home he beelined it to the front door and came walking in with a 1/4 of a Costco Chocolate Cake. (You know, the giant ones with chocolate shavings on the outside and taste absolutely HEAVENLY!)  With it was a note.  It read......

President Phelps,
Thank You for your wonderful counsel during our ward conference Sunday.  We wanted you to know our 8 year old son was listening intently and afterward insisted on finding out about this "chocolate cake" you mentioned. :)  After bringing it home last night, we decided we needed to share it.  (child's name) instantly suggested we share some with you.
Enjoy and know that we are grateful for great examples, like you, for our son and all of us.  We appreciate you.

Rick got a huge grin on his face and said, "Well, that is so thoughtful!  How nice of them to say those kind words."  I agreed enthusiastically!  That was such a nice note and sharing that cake with us was very sweet.

Rick then proceeded to tell me about his chocolate cake epiphany.

 He was sitting in ward conference a few days before (generally the Stake Presidency has the bishops of the wards take as much time as they feel they need and then whoever is attending that ward will finish up the last 5-7 minutes) and Bishop Fawson was talking about shepherding members to the temple.  He was explaining how 10 years ago when a tsunami was coming toward a particular small town in Indonesia, how the cry went out to move to higher ground and how everyone in that small town was saved compared to other places where so many people lost their lives.  He related that to the temple and how important it is to spread the word and try to rally around those who have not been or those who need to get the temple.

As Rick was sitting there he started thinking of the temple and how wonderful it is.  There were many in the congregation that had not been to the temple and he wanted to express how magnificent it is.  He thought about chocolate cake and decided to use that as a parallel to the temple.  He started out by telling everyone how much he likes MY chocolate cake.  (That was super nice of him considering I'm not that great of a cook AND my cakes come out of a box......but what a good husband to say so:)

Then he talked about the chocolate cake from Costco and how marvelous it is.  He asked the congregation if any of them had tried it and continued to sing it's praises.  He posed the thought of trying to explain to say, someone in Indonesia, that had never tried this particular cake and how one would go about trying to get them to understand it's wonderfulness.  (That's my word not his:) You could explain that it was made of flour, sugar, cocoa and eggs but still that wouldn't have the same effect as actually eating and experiencing this particular chocolate cake.  He likened that to the temple and how we can TELL others how magnificent it is but to get the full effect it needs to be experienced.  He then encouraged those who have not "experienced" the temple to make that a goal in their lives because IT is more magnificent than anything......including chocolate cake:)

After explaining to me the back story I got a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart for my sweetie.  It makes me happy that he not only is a great example to me and each of our children,  but to so many others as well.  He would never say so or even acknowledge that he does much.  That is not his way.  He always gives credit to someone else.  Many times I have to remind him just how wonderful he is.  (and I don't mind that at all.) Not only does he go to work each day and provide a living for us, he always is trying to be a good father in teaching and explaining to our children the importance of doing good with their lives (some of them STILL don't get it) AND on top of that the many extra hours of church service during the week.  He NEVER complains that it is too much.  Going to bed after midnight on Saturday night because we had been watching grandchildren, I was thinking how wonderful it was that I could sleep in because church now starts at 11:00.  Instantly I felt ashamed for my selfish thought knowing that he had to be up by five to get ready for meetings and a fully scheduled day,  I simply said, "You are my hero."

And he truly is:)

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  1. OH what a beautiful post, Janell! I LOVE that chocolate cake analogy, and you are certainly RIGHT about that wonderful brother of mine--he is truly one of the best people on the earth, I believe...he's So , So GOOD!!

    And regarding that chocolate cake---A couple summers ago, my friend Carol was talking on the phone with me and she mentioned that she had been at a meeting where they cut little teeny slivers of that huge Costco chocolate cake and gave people tastes of it. As she described it's marvelous-ness, we both got all excited at the thought of HAVING one of those cakes, so I picked her up and we drove down to Pocatello and I bought a fifty-dollar Costco Membership--just so we could buy one of those HUGE chocolate cakes with the chocolate shavings on it! We brought it home and had great big pieces with cold glasses of milk and put the rest in the freezer and shared it several more times that summer~! (I'm inclined to go get one of those again--just sitting here THINKING about it!) ha!!
    So, it was an excellent analogy for Rick to use to compare it to going to the temple! :) Love, Karen