Friday, January 23, 2015


Here are a few recent picture of my GrandKids....

Rafe has a whole load of teeth in his mouth and is learning to say his prayers.  It is really fun to hear him say words.  Much of the time I'm not that good of an interpreter but I'm learning.  On Sunday he walked up to the group of us visiting in the family room holding this big sucker behind his back like we couldn't see it.  His mom asked him what he found and he just stood there with a guilty look on his face.  Of course Grandpa said, "Let's open that up and have some!"..... and then proceeded to let him eat it on our couch.  Grandpas definitely a pushover:)  

Henry is now 5 months and is such a jolly boy!  As you can see in these pictures he has an amazing smile!  He has learned to sit all on his own and can pick up toys and play with them.  He is starting to eat real food with a spoon like a champ!  He is the light of his mom and dad's life and we love this little guy so much!  His hair is starting to grow a bit but it is hard to see because he is a towhead.  How about those sumo wrestler arms........So adorable!!

Haivyn will be 9 months in another couple of weeks.  She is such a beautiful baby!  Her eyes are a beautiful blue and she has got FIVE teeth already!  She is such a happy baby and can play by herself very contentedly.  She loves stuffed animals and big people food.  She is crawling all over the place so we try our best to keep her contained:)  We don't want her tumbling down the stairs!  
Haivyn has captured our hearts!

Scout is now 3 months.  She reminds me so much of Kendra when she was a baby.  I cannot help but to be totally in love with her!  She is such a good baby.  She doesn't cry much and she loves to be swaddled and held.  While I have only heard her laugh once she has given me many, many smiles and I'll tell you it totally melts my heart!  Such a precious girl!
                     Love these little darlings!!

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  1. Aren't they PRECIOUS???! Grandparenting is way more exciting than I ever imagined it could be!! They are all really beautiful children, and it's only fitting that you be VERY, VERY proud of them!!! ....Karen