Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rick's 50th Birthday Bash Details

Jenny took these pictures of the party.  I want to remember the details of the night.  It was a lot of work preparing for but I thought it turned out really nice.
Julie Dee made the cake.  I wanted something simple and masculine so we incorporated the burlap and raffia.  It turned out really cute!  She is super talented and her cakes are 100% better than what  you can buy at the store.  The top was a chocolate with a fudge center and the bottom was a pumpkin with cream cheese frosting.  So yummy!

Sarah had a couple of posters made of Rick doing what he likes to do.
I thought they were great in showing his adventurous spirit:)

I used these swags at a baby shower last fall.  I changed out the lace and added denim for the masculine look.  I found the free printables (and invitations) on line.

Skylar drilled holes in two of my display pumpkins.  They looked super cool when lit at night,

The centerpieces turned out really cute.  I bought the glass canisters at All a Dollar and put rubber bands on them and then spray painted them.  When the candles are lit they have a really cool glow.

I loved the way the tables and chairs turned out.  Thanks to Kathy for letting me use her linens.  They  really dressed up the tables.  We ran out of burlap for the chair ties so in the tent we used raffia. 
 It worked.

We had three tables on the patio and four under the tent.  Fifty Six place settings!

The food was really good!   This is the only picture I have of the food:)

My feet were ready to fall off by the end of the night but it was worth it!!
Thanks to....
*Kathy for the use of the linens
*Julie for the delicious cake
*Jenny for the pictures
*Mom for helping with the set up
*Dad for helping with tables and chairs and using the blower
*Skylar for the lights in the tent and getting the heaters up and running and helping Rick all day.
*Sarah for helping with the chair ties and posters and whatever else I needed.
*Sharon who helped make sure the food didn't run out on the buffet and helping with the last minute decor stuff.
Did I miss anybody??

Oh yeah, and the birthday boy who worked so hard to help in getting the patio and yard all spiffed up and looking nice.  He really spent a lot of his birthday working hard.

He is the best!


  1. Your decorations were fantastic, Janell! You had gone to SO much work, and it was VERY obvious!! Even though everything had a 'country flair' to it, things were very elegant and classy feeling. (...and that chocolate cake TASTED GREAT!)

  2. Oh my, your decorations are adorable. Love the extra special touch you put into making an event special. Good job Janell