Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rafe turns TWO!

Sunday was little Rafe's birthday.  He is now into full toddlerhood at the age of TWO!
Brach and Kendra had us over to their house to celebrate. 

Grandma Leesa made this adorable tractor cake.  Rafe loves tractors and gets excited every time he sees one so this was the perfect cake for him.  

Leesa also found this cute backdrop at NPS.  Befitting for our Rafester:)

Opening fun!

Since he was very small Rafe has been amazed at the leaf blower in our garage.  Everytime he comes over he wants for "papa" to get out the leaf blower.  He loves to watch that thing work:)  It's really cute.  If the garage is open.....he gets right over to the blower and tries to pullstart it.
When Rick and I were at Toys R Us last weekend we noticed a whole aisle of Home Depot items.....and lo and behold there was a kids leaf blower.  Perfect.......

Here he is in his leaf blower getup!
Happy Birthday to our adorable Rafe!!  He is such a joy in our lives.  We love you, buddy!

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  1. Oh MY--What a CUTIE!! What an IDEAL birthday gift for that little man! He looks like a very happy Leaf Blower guy! And what a pretty CAKE his other grandma made.. He's one 'very loved' little guy! I'm glad we got to see him the other night. Love, Karen