Wednesday, October 1, 2014


We made it home last night after 23 hours of traveling!  We were all exhausted but so happy to be home.  I got to sleep in my own bed last night and I cannot tell you how much that soft bed means to me:)

So it's time to post about our last two days in Europe!  We had a nice Sunday enjoying the morning and then catching Sacrament Meeting in the Ghent Branch.  The meeting was interpreted via headphones so again that was nice for us:)  After church we came back and had a little lunch in our room and got the Sunday afternoon sleepies.  I told Rick that we had better get out and see the last few museums before they closed so instead of a Sunday nap we borrowed the Marriott bikes and rode to the Carmelite Friary to checkout the exhibition on the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb.  It was very interesting to see the logistics of the painting itself as well as learning about the artists.  I found it very fascinating.  

After the Friary we wanted to go to the Museum of Fine Arts to see how the restoration was coming on the altarpiece.  We only had 30 minutes to explore the museum until it closed.  I find that as I am seeing the paintings and sculptures in the cathedrals and museums it is hard for me to enjoy them much.  Most of the paintings (about 90% I would say) are religious paintings and about 90% of those are of the crucified Savior.  Many, or most I would say are very morbid.  Truly.  There was one church that I just had to walk out of because of the feelings that I had when I was inside.  Some were just fine and I enjoyed the talents of the artists but others......I don't know.  I didn't feel peaceful at all looking at them.  I am used to worshipping in a church that focuses on the joy of the resurrection than the morbity of the actual crucifixion.  Sorry if that offends anyone.  I did enjoy the paintings and sculptures of Mary, the mother of Jesus (which of course were many) and the architecture of each of the cathedrals.  It's so amazing to me that they created such huge cathedrals with so much detail with hand tools.

Monday morning we got up early to drive to Brussels and prepare to leave.  We found the Grand Place without too much difficulty and went out to explore it.  Unfortunately,  the museums that we wanted to visit were all closed.  Monday seems to be the day off for most people after a busy tourist weekend so we got some lunch and looked in the shops (that of course, seem to always be open).  We got to sample a bit of chocolate and before we left Rick had to get one last Belgian waffle.

Rick and I in the Grand Place with the Hotel de Ville in the background.

Lunch in a nice cafe.  Brad and Ruth were with us just not in the picture.

Our 18 days in Europe were wonderful!    
We made many memories that I'm sure we will talk about for years to come!

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  1. WONDERFUL, Janell, that you took the time to write down this one last "episode" of your marvelous travels, I've certainly LOVED reading all the exciting things you've been involved in, and I was eager to read this one last writing about your last couple days there. Thanks so much for keeping us readers posted. You are going to LOVE these pictures and this blog as time goes along. I know "I" loved it all along!! Lots of Love to You--and Welcome Home!! I look forward to seeing you soon! from Karen (oh, and I'm sure I agree with you regarding those pictures of Christ....)