Monday, July 22, 2013

This past week Rick and I were able to spend a few days at the St. George house.  We have been so lookinbg forward to just hanging out.  Brach went to Scout Camp with his dad so Kendra and Rafe joined us as well.  We all enjoyed spending time in the pool.  Rafe liked his new floaty and he looked so cute in it:)
These are the only pictures that I took the whole time I was there. 
We enjoyed: sleeping in, watching movies, swimming, going to the temple, reading by the pool, BBQing, playing Spot It, and eating out.  I organized a couple of drawers and we also had the carpets cleaned.  On  Saturday Rick and I took a drive into Santa Clara and went to the fruit market and then spent an hour and a half in the town's museum.  This is where my Swiss ancestors settled and so I loved looking at the artifacts and pictures in the museum.  I love my Swiss heritage!
PS.  We found a fun new restaurant for breakfast. 
 It's called "The Bear Paw Cafe located on Main St. and The Boulevard.


  1. It was good to see you over the weekend. Wish we could have chatted more.
    I love the Bear Paw it is so yummy! Next time make a stop at Swig and get a drink and sugar cookie :)

  2. Hey--I really like the new picture at the top of your page....(anyway it's new to ME...)
    And I'm glad you guys all got to have such a fun time at the St. George house. I think we went to the Bear Paw when we were there and I've been wanting to go back...It has really cute decor`!