Tuesday, July 30, 2013

French Cuisine

For the last two months Rick and I have been planning a family campout to Cherry Hill.  It's something I look forward to every year.  Well, our scheduled date was to be this last Friday the 27th.  On my drive back fromk Vegas last week Rick called me and asked if I had made the reservations.  "Well, yes, no, uh....I don't know.  I thought you did."  Come to find out in all of our excitement we FORGOT to make reservations and they were completely filled the next TWO weekends.  I about cried.  Seriously.   I really wanted to go.
So after talking about it I said, 
"Why don't we use our trade coupons and go stay at a B&B." 
 So that's what we did.
A few weeks ago we recieved some gift cards for a restaurant in town called La Caille.  It is supposed to be a primo spot in SL.  We have never eaten there before because personally I don't feel like any meal is worth $$$.   Well, we had a gift card and so we figured, "What the hey!"  It was a really fun experience for us.  I haven't eaten much french food in my life but I thought it was pretty good.  The place is located on 30 acres of beautiful land located in between Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. It has a vineyard, at least two ponds, huge grassy areas, a gazebo, and zillions of flowers.  The landscape was very beautiful.  I guess that's why brides like to have their pictures taken there.
This is the entrance to the restaurant.
Rick checking out the menu.
We had patio seating and there were ducks with their ducklings, peacocks with their peacocklings??, and even a big fantailed rooster walking around the patio. 
This peacock got a little excited when a female walked by:)  Aren't his feathers beautiful?
At first our waiter brought out some delicious bread and my favorite..... a huge sesame wafer cracker with two different kinds of butters.  Then he brought out a complimentary taster.... 
A cracker with bleu cheese on top of field greens with a balsamic dressing
(I gave Rick the bleu cheese....eew) 
Next was the first course. 
Jumbo Prawns and Lump Crab Cocktail for me........
.....and some Pan Seared Sea Scallops for Rick.
For the second course I chose what else but.....
French Onion Soup (so delish!)
Rick chose the Avacado and Grapefruit Salad.
He didn't care for it too much but it sure looked pretty!
Next came the Raspberry Sorbet to cleanse the palate:)
Finally, the third course.
I had the Chicken Oscar with a Cream Sauce on the side. I was too full to eat it all:(
Rick ordered the Poisson and Prawn Dinner.
(Yes, those are fish eggs on the top.......he pushed those to the side)
We were too full for dessert but the waiter brought me out a gift to go. 
Inside was a macaroon and a chocolate truffle.
After dinner we enjoyed strolling around the grounds hand in hand.
My favorite were the black swans. 
These two are only two months old and when full grown will be completely white.
A picture on the bridge.
Afterwards we drove over to The Anniversary Inn.
We stayed in the Grand Bridal Suite.
It completed the French night because it felt like we were staying in some grand castle in France:)
Cherry Hill this wasn't but I sure can't complain!  It was a great night with my sweetie!


  1. oh my! This all looks so exquisite and romantically fun! I got to go to La Caille one time, when I was working at Feature Films for Families, in SLC... the owner's son had his wedding reception there. Yes, it's dreamy! The grounds alone are spectacular! Glad you had such a good time. Your food all looks sooo gourmet. (and I say eww on the fish eggs, too!)

  2. Love seeing your romantic date night and all the pretty pictures. And the French Onion Soup is my favorite and it looked so delicious. The rest of the meal looked like it was worth the $$$.

    I love to see your blog and enjoy the stories of your lovely family....Miss seeing everyone....