Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

The Fourth of July is such a fun holiday!  We are having our family reunion this week in Grantsville and it has been full of activities so far.  We started out the holiday yesterday with a big breakfast out at the pavilion.  After breakfast we went over to the Grantsville Parade.  Unfortunately, these are the only pictures I have for the whole day:(
After the parade Brent put on a Patriotic Program.  Then Brandon gave us a survival skills class.
We were getting hot so after that a big group got together a water balloon volleyball game.  I held Rafe and watched:)  Then we played a game of horseshoes and then it was dinnertime. 
Brent and Lar & Ken and Rob provided a really nice taco dinner:)
After dinner was Karaoke and then the hit of the night was the FIREWORKS!!  I love the fireworks show at the park.  Grantsville City does a really nice job!  It was a very nice day:) 

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  1. I've already heard from my mom what a fun time the family reunion was. I'm so sad we had to miss it this time! But I'm glad everyone seemed to enjoy things. Your red polka-dot ruffle shirt is adorable, btw! ;)