Thursday, June 13, 2013


See these trees.......
I love them!
I seriously love them. 
I love to look out my kitchen window and just stare at them. 
 I love to see their limbs touching the grass below. 
I love to see their long branches swaying in the breeze.
I love how they have grown together just like they are one tree.
I love the hiding place that it creates for those who do not want to be seen.
I love how they are my fastest growing trees.
I love the way they make me feel inside when I look at them. 
Rick just laughs at my infatuation.......but secretly I know he loves them ALMOST as much as I do!
Here is the view from my patio!
I love this view!
A few years ago I was horrified when I looked outside after a heavy snowfall and the highest branch on righty was cracked and hanging lifeless.  I am so happy that it has filled in and is looking back to it's old self.
Oh what joy these trees bring me!!!
It's a quiet afternoon....I think I will take a book and go read in their shade.

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  1. I love trees, TOO! And I especially love YOUR trees!! I'm glad to know you have that tremendous appreciation for them! We've 'kept tabs onthem'--noticing how beautifully and FAST they've grown! (Karen...)