Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

This post is to celebrate the "fathers" in my life!
First is my own dear father who has always been an example of quiet strength.  He doesn't always have a lot to say but his presence is always known.  He has always been a hard worker and provided well for his wife and children.  When I was 11 years old he quit his job and ventured into the unknown........self employment.  He had six children and a mortgage.  I have thought about that through the years and admired him for his courage.  Not many people would take that leap of faith.  His business Richard Hafen Surveying was very successful and our family was well taken care of! 
When I was in Jr. High I played second base on the softball team.  It was fun for me to look out from the infield to see my dad standing by the fence watching me play ball.  I really appreciated his support! Sometimes I didn't even see him there but at dinner he would comment on something that happened at the game and I knew that he had been watching. 
My dad is a very giving person.  If  he sees someone in need he jumps right in a does what he can to help! 
 Lastly, my dad loves to work!  He has been retired for about eight years but he still works hard every day.   He tinkers in the back yard welding and making cool stuff.  He works at the farm in Mesquite watering, cutting, bailing, and stacking hay.  He tends to his TWO gardens and takes care of his cows and horses.  He works in the temple each Tuesday and takes his calling as Sunday School President very seriously.  Thanks dad, for being the giant of the man that you are!
mom, kendra, rafe, me, and dad (January 2013)
The next father in my life is this cute guy in the picture below!!
 He is the father of my children and is the kindest most generous man I know.  I am constantly amazed by his patience and unconditional love for other people. 
 Sometimes I just look at him and think,
"How did I ever get so lucky?" 
I cannot even begin to describe what I feel for him. 
 I am so blessed that he is mine forever!!
rick and rafe relaxing on the hammock on father's day
The last father in my life is Mr. Brach Boman.  He is my excellent son-in-law and the father of my sweet grandson Rafe.   Brach has many wonderful qualities.  First, he is a devoted husband to my Kendra Dee.  I am always pleased to see the tender way he treats her.  Brach is a first rate father as well.  He loves little Rafe and it's fun for me to see his softer side as he rocks his little guy to sleep or feeds him a bottle or changes his diaper.  I know that Brach is waiting patiently for that day when he can put a baseball in his son's hand and teach him to throw a ball:)  It is also fun to see how Rafe is clearly in love with his dad:)  Brach can make him giggle and laugh like no one else.
Thanks Brach!  You are awesome!
rafe and brach (April 2013)

                                         Happy Fathers Day to all fathers everywhere!!

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  1. What a precious post, Janell! It made me get tears in my eyes--especially as I think of the goodness of my dear brother, Rick Alan! He truly has been blessed with a kindness and deep, unconditional love like we rarely see in REAL people!!
    Brach seems to me to be an excellent daddy to little Rafe, and your own dad is to be commended for how well he raised YOU to be such a wonderful, outstanding person!! Lots of Love to you---Karen