Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fern's Funeral

I know it's been a week since Fern's funeral but I wanted to post about it.  The viewing was held Friday evening.   Many friends from Grantsville came to visit.  There were so many in our ward (and stake) that truly loved Fern.  She brought joy to many people....even in her feeble state!  We received many cards and well wishes from so many thoughtful people.  That truly means a lot to our family!  The viewing went well.  Sasturday morning was another short viewing and the funeral.  This was attended by many of her posterity.  Of all 59 of her grandchildren only five were unable to make it.  Four of them are serving full time missions at this time. 
(Part of our family at the viewing.  The other kids dissappeared:(
The service was very beautiful!  The family prayer was given by Brad Phelps. 
The program went as follows:
Opening Hymn:  "Love at Home
Invocation:  Hal Phelps
Life Sketch:  Karen Hone
Tribute:  Darla Allen
Musical Number:  "Far Away in Illinois" sung by her children
Speaker:  Dee Ann Allen
Speaker:  Kathy Baker
Musical Number:  "Dearest Children God is Near You" sung by her grandchildren
Remarks:  John Beckett (friend and former Bishop)
Remarks:  Rick Phelps
Remarks:  Elder Steven Allen
Closing Hymn:  "Be Still My Soul"
Benediction:  Darla Allen
The funeral was such a wonderful tribute to Fern.  She lived a very difficult life but her children meant everything to her so she did what she had to.  Their life was made better because of her many sacrifices.  She taught them the gospel and overall she wanted to have an eternal family and she ever worked to that end.
The Pallbearers were the oldest grandsons from each family.
Wade Hone
Brian Gordon
Brandon Phelps
Nathan Phelps
Ben Allen
Kaleb Phelps
Adam Allen
Mark Baker
Skylar Phelps
The Honorary Pallbearers were all of her other grandsons,  nineteen in all. 
The dedication of the grave was given by Brenton Phelps.
Fern's children and their spouses
All of Fern's living children from oldest to youngest
Fern's grandchildren (we're missing quite a few in this picture)

After the dedication of the grave we went back to the church for a nice luncheon prepared by the sisters of the Deseret Peak Ward.  It was wonderful! 

Thanks to all who have showed us much love during this difficult time. 
I have thought many times this past week of Fern and she is already greatly missed!

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  1. Thank you so very much, Janell, for putting up all this information and these beautiful pictures. Seeing this post, made me wish that I, too, blogged!! I have been so surprised at the many lovely cards I have received here from thoughtful friends who saw the write-up in our local newspaper. Aren't people just WONDERFUL with their genuine concern??!
    As far as funerals go, I think we could pretty safely say that this was a "Good" funeral! Thank you for re-capping it here! Love, karen