Friday, April 26, 2013

Flossenburg Concentration Camp

Today has been a good day.  We left Prague at about 11 AM and arrived at Flossenburg around 2:00.  Flossenburg is one of the MANY concentration camps that were here in Germany.  We spent 2 1/2 hours walking through the museum which is housed in the old laundry barracks. 
It was very informative and sad. 
It is hard to understand how people could be so inhumane and hurtful to other people. 
These two pictures are of the area called "The Valley of Death".  Thirty thousand people were killed in this camp and many of them were buried or cremated in this area. 
There is a sacred feel to this place knowing what occurred here.
There is a guard tower in the corner.
The crematorium is at the bottom of the trees.
The square foundation below the crematorium is where mass executions took place.
The mound just below that is called "The Mound of Ashes".  Now explanation needed there.
The monuments in the foreground are called "The Square of Nations". It represents all of the nations that had prisoners die in this camp.
This is the roll call ground behind me where all of the prisoners would meet each morning and night to be counted.  I love learning about history.  Even the hard stuff.
On our way back to the autobahn....yes, THE autobahn, we stopped at this hotel to grab a bite to eat.
Another delicious meal in Germany.  Our meal was huge.  We were both so hungry because we hadn't eaten since breakfast but we couldn't finish our meals.
Back to the autobahn.  It's all it's cracked up to be:)  We stayed in the right lane for the most part because cars were passing us like we were standing still.....and we were going 80 MPH.  We calculated that some cars were traveling 120-130 MPH.  I know Rick would have loved to go faster but he knew I was adamant about NOT going to fast.  I know....I'm a killjoy:(

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  1. Love it all and so glad that you get to see so much history. Love seeing the places you are going and even seeing what you are eating.