Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bavaria and Neuschwanstein

Today (Saturday)  Rick and I drove into the Bavarian countryside.  It is so lovely!  Our destination was the Neuschwanstein Castle.  It is located on a cliff up in the mountains.  It is the castle the Walt Disney modeled his famous castle from.  We got to tour the inside and it was very nice. I have decided that I would not like to live in a castle because it is very dark.  This place had quite a few windows which helped but still, I love lots of light in my dwelling place:)
We caught the horse drawn carriage up to the castle.  Like I's up on a cliff. A very steep walk!  In this picture Rick had just bought himself a nice German hat.  He looks nice, ja?
Here's a nice shot of the countryside.  We drove through many quaint small towns to get to Neuschwanstein.  I loved all of them.  The area smelled exactly like my dad's farm in Mesquite....cow manure:)  I didn't mind.  It added to the ambiance:) 
No wonder it's so green:)

In the castle courtyard

Afterward we drove over to Oberamaurgammen and did a litttle shopping.

We bought a few souvenirs for the kids.  We found a really cute music box for Rafe with dancing fish on the top.  It's adorable!  Our big purchase was a cuckoo clock that is being shipped home.  It has a cute little bird that comes out on the hour and has an owl's hoot.  Pretty cool!  Oh yeah, I bought this fancy hat!  Really only to cover up my nasty hairdo.  I didn't wash my hair today!
I love this hat!!  It was a great purchase!
We ate dinner in this same town.  I had some cheese soup and it was seriously THE
 BEST cheese soup I have ever had!! I love Germany!

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