Saturday, August 4, 2012


Yesterday we took the trailer up to the Lagoon Campground for an overnighter.  Brach  and Kendra followed us and after we got the trailer all situated we headed over to the park.  We started out at Laguna Beach and played in the water for an hour or so.  Sarah had a work conference until about 3:00 so they met us at the park around 5:00.

It was dinnertime so we tried out the BBQ place there in Pioneer Village. 
 The roasted corn was sooo yummy!

Skylar and Sarah by the bridge after dinner.

Our first ride was "The Bat".
Pretty fun!!

The boys squeezed in on Jet Star II.  Needles to say I think they got to know one another better:)
I can truly say I felt my age on this ride.

The Catapult was the highlight of the night.  Brach was really scared:)
You know how you can watch them on video as they catalult up.  It was soooo funny watching Brach.  He kept saying, "Oh no,  Oh no"  and I could see him mouth the words "SkyyyyyyyyLaaaaaaaar"  Too funny!

Then it was Rick and Sarah's turn. 
They loved it!!

Kendra was a good sport.  This was the only ride she could go on the whole day (cause of her big belly) ......and she loves all the rides! 

Before our last few rides we had to go back to Pioneer Village for the yummy ice cream.

I chose a caramel apple instead.  This one had crushed butterfinger on the outside.  mmm...good!

I was exausted when we got back to the trailer.  B & K went back home so Brach could help out on their ward's service project the next morning so it was Rick and I and S & S that stayed over night.  Rick prepared us a feast of a breakfast, we played a little Ziggity and then we packed up camp. 
It was a fun summer activity!!

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