Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bear Lake Family Reunion

I am finally getting around to posting again.  The last month of summer was a full one and I wanted to document some of the things that our family has done.  Rick and I decided early in the year that with our kids getting married and beginning their own families that it was important for us to begin the tradition of having a family reunion each year.  We have loved this tradition with Rick's extended family through the years and have made some great memories so we wanted to incorporate that into our family as well.
We decided that this year we would go camping at bear lake.  It truly was a great time!  Not all of our kids were able to make it (everyone but Alyssia and Gary)  but we really enjoyed being together.  Some fun things that we did were: 
play in the lake
rented waverunners
ate yummy food
watched movies
played games
taught Chester how to swim
celebrated Skylar's 22nd birthday
paddle boarded (Sarah was so good at this)
played 500
threw the frisbee on the beach
learned to make dutch oven pizza
fished (the boys of course:)
and mostly.......
enjoyed being together as a family!!


  1. I'm delighted to know that you have started your "Family Reunions"! This one looked SO FUN, and it looks like you made some GREAT memories for the years to come.

    We had our first "little" family reunion with our own kids when our 'first-married' son and his wife (Lance and Jen), had been married two years--(that was before any grandkids came along.) We took the whole family to Yellowstone Park for three days. This started a wonderful Tradition that we've kept up with for the past 16 years! It sure is a good thing to do!! And I'm glad to know YOU'RE doing it!! Love, Karen

  2. Sure looks like a fun place. Were they able to cach any fish??
    -Jack @ Inlet Filter