Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kendra celebrated her 21st birthday this past Monday.  After a family dinner we invited the neighbors over for a "Who Knows Kendra Best?" trivia game (which Brach appropriately won), shared some Kendra memories and then had some cake and ice cream.  It goes without being said that I love my Kenni girl very much.  (Despit the fact that when I found out I was pregnant with her I cried....  a lot.   Skylar was only a few months old and I wasn't ready to have another major surgery in less than one year.  But, oh man, was she ever worth it.)  I'm glad that she and Brach live close by and that I get to see her almost everyday:)
Let's see.... a memory that I have of Kendra is when we went to Hawaii back when she was 10 and she had a hundred dollars to spend throughout the whole week that we would be there.  One of the first nights there she and Bonnie (her cousin) went down to the lobby of our hotel and saw a person airbushing t-shirts.  Kendra liked them so much that she spent nearly $80 to by them EACH a shirt.  Needless to say,  when she came back to the room to show me I wasn't so thrilled.  Her money was nearly gone and we still had five days to go plus plans to hit the swap meet (where there are tons of good deals) later in the week.  Anyway.......It was a good lesson learned:)  I sure love that girl!!  Happy Birthday Ken!!

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