Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yesterday was Gary's Jr. Prom. He was asked by Julia Goodworth to be her promenade date and he in turn asked her out ot Prom. They left on their date about noon and drove to SL to a place called Classic Skating. They rollerbladed, played at the arcade and jumped on the tramp. Gary said that it was a GREAT time. They doubled with Wyatt and Sydney.

After Classic Skating they had an early dinner at Olive Garden and Gary loved it!! It's one of his most favorite places to eat. He was disappointed that Julia only got a bowl of soup. He thought that maybe she didn't want him to spend too much on dinner:)

After the big dinner they went home to get ready for the BIG night!

The Promenade....(sorry the picture is blurry, I was far away and had it on zoom)

I loved seeing all the beautiful dresses!!

Julia wore her crazy Pippi Longstocking socks:0

I love my handsome brown eyed Gary boy! (He really is soooo handsome)


  1. Those kids look like they're having SO MUCH FUN!! How Nice! And Gary IS very Handsome!! I'm glad he got to go to Prom and have such a great time. Love, His Aunt Karen
    (p.s.--You've had lots going on at your place lately, eh Janell??)

  2. He sure is a handsome young man. They look gorgeous! Glad they had a fun time.

  3. This is Havelah, Not Adam...
    they look so nice! I am so glad that his date was so modest and beautiful. :) We love Gary, glad that he had a good time!