Thursday, April 28, 2011


Gary turned 18 last Friday!! He wanted to celebrate at The Olive Garden and so a big group of us went for dinner. Afterwards we headed home to open presents and share memories. We had a really great time remembering the funny things that Gary has done through the years. His big presents this year were a guitar tuner and an electric guitar case. He was way excited!!

Now it is official....all of my children are over the 18 mark which makes me a mother of ALL adult children. Just Crazy!! Am I really that old??

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  1. Wow--Gary's 18!! Happy Birthday Gary!! I clearly remember when he was just a tiny boy 5 years old!! Time really FLIES, doesn't it??!!

    And Janell, it's hard to think that YOU are the mother of all adults--'cause you still seem so YOUNG yourself!! And you LOOK so young!! You and Kendra look like you could be sisters!! (You'll find it interesting how fast the time will go from here on out!!)
    Love, Karen (speaking with the voice of Experience!!) :)