Thursday, April 28, 2011


THE EASTER BUNNY CAME TO THE PHELPS HOUSE!! Last Saturday we had an easter egg hunt for the big kids:) It was a little different than in times past. Aunt Kathy had the great idea of hiding the eggs at night and having the kids use flashlights to go searching in the dark. It was great! We had quite the crew and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. Here is a picture of everyone before the hunt began. (We're missing Gary because he was at work but he made it for the last of the hunt:)

Kendra's searching in the tree.....

The prize egg was the last to be found and the hint was given that it was somewhere in the gazebo.......

Yay for Hannah....,she found it!!

It's such a bummer that this picture came out blurry but this is everyone at the end of their hunt with their goodies! Afterwards everyone came in and played Mafia and then watched Megamind. It's funny how just that morning Rick and I were talking about how the kids were getting to old to do Easter egg hunts. Thanks Aunt Kathy for broadening our minds a little bit. Let's do this again next year!


  1. I love it!! How fun... those are the kinds of things I always remember about Aunt Kath. She turns everything a fun memory, eh?

  2. How inventive that Kathy Rae sister is!! What FUN!! I'm just wondering--did the eggs actually get HIDDEN in the dark?? So that means that you GROWN-UPS had a bit of fun, too, eh--out there hiding the eggs??! :) GREAT!!

    I hid 75 eggs out in our back-yard Saturday afternoon for our grand-kids and they had a wonderful time finding them--with us grown-ups all eagerly looking on and assisting the youngest. It was so sweet to see little two-year-old Matt squatting down on the ground beside one of the 'filled' eggs that came apart just as he found it--He eagerly started eating the jelly beans, forgetting to keep looking for MORE eggs. Then he got excited looking at the ones he'd already found--breaking more of the plastic eggs apart to get to the jelly beans. What a Sweetie! (we counted--they found all 75!)

    I like Easter Egg Hunts and I'm glad to now have the idea of how to keep our grand-kids LIKING Hunts when they become Teen-Agers! (that's still a ways off, thank goodness!)
    Love, Karen