Thursday, January 20, 2011


Last night Kendra and I were watching a chick flick as Rick had taken Gary snowboarding. I had gotten a call from Rick while he was on the lift and we spoke for just a few minutes. A few minutes later he called back for something else. Well, a few minutes after that the phone rang again and I saw that the caller ID said Superior Asphalt and I assumed it was Rick again so I answered the phone in a sing song voice saying, "Yes, my darling!" The phone clicked like it was getting bad reception and so I said again, "Yes, my darling!!" Then I hear a man's voice say, "I don't think I'm your darling." To which I said, "You're not? Well who is this? To which I hear Brad say, "This is Brad." OH MAN!! I was laughing so hard and trying to explain myself. Brad was good natured though. After I hung up Kenni and I were rolling on the floor laughing. Maybe this is a 'had to be there situation' but it was SO funny! It's a good thing I can laugh at myself....believe me my family laughs at the dumb things I do all the time!!


  1. Ha! I bet Brad got a good laugh out of this, too!!

  2. I think I've done the same thing to Uncle Rick thinking it was my dad. It's a good thing they aren't awkward about it, or it could be really embarrassing. :)