Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today is mine and Rick's 22nd anniversary!! I wish I knew how to scan a picture to my blog so you would all be able to see how we looked 22 years ago. Let me help you visualize....I had permed hair and VERY tall bangs. I was wearing a mermaid style dress with huge puffy sleeves and a headband veil with a pearl drop right in the middle of my forehead. Rick was wearing a white tuxedo and looked VERY handsome. I recieved my endowments early in the morning and then after changing into my wedding dress we had a white wedding in the East Sealing room of the St. George temple. After having lunch with the family at Sizzler we headed back to Vegas to get ready for the reception that night. My colors were teal and seafoam with a little bit of peach. My bridesmaids wore seafoam dresses. I had 4 of them. At the reception there were sandwiches and goodies and of coarse the cake which we served. favorite! We had a small program where my brother sang the Mac Davis song "Fall in Love With Your Wife" and then Rick sang a song to me..."So Near the Angels." After our lovely evening we headed out to Imperial Palace for 2 nights. We got to stay in a room called 'The Love Tub' courtesy of one of my bridesmaids who worked there. (and yes, it did have a love tub:) We headed out Sunday morning to northern UT where we had a weeks stay at a condo in East Canyon. The rest, as they say, is history!!
I am very blessed to have married the kindest most selfless man I know (I'm sure some of you wives would have to disagree) but to me it's the truth!! Rick is truly my best friend and we have had these wonderful 22 years together. Life has been very good to us!! I'm ready for the next 30 to 40!!


  1. Congratulations!!! Hard to believe that that many years have passed. Jeff and I hit 27 in just a few days......WOW, hard to believe!

    You and Rick are good examples of a successful marriage, you guys are such a cute couple, we're glad to call you friends.

  2. I really wish that you could scan pictures, because I'd like to see if what I am imagining in my mind matches how it really looked. :) (On a side note, I don't know how to scan either.) Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. I love this description!! It takes me back... I remember that I wanted to go to your reception in Vegas sooooo bad! My two older brothers got to go with my parents, to be with Brian and Robert, and to see Uncle Rick on his special day. I was sooo sad not to get to go, because I thought this new Aunt Janell was sooo pretty and stylish and I sooooo wanted to see her dress (and those super high bangs)! :) I made my mom tell me every detail when she got home.

    Happy Anniversary, you two!

  4. If you ever want to scan some pictures, you can come over to my place! I just scanned a bunch of mine...I'd love to see yours! Congratulations on your anniversary--you two are such a great couple, and you inspire me to want to be a better wife.