Wednesday, December 15, 2010


BIG NEWS!!! We now have 6 more people living at our house. Rick's sister and her family moved in with us at the beginning of the month. Trent and Kathy and 4 of their children (Jenni, Julie, Chris, and Kallie are now living in our basement. Well, actually Julie is upstairs in the guestroom with Kendra:) It is working out very well. They have been living in TN for the last 7 years and now they are back. Trent started his new job at Maxwell Products and we are delighted that they are here.....especially for the Christmas season. We have already been having lots of fun as you will see in later posts.

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  1. Your house sounds like a fun place to be! That is so neat that you have opened your home up to share--and the Bakers are wonderful so how fun for everyone! Maybe we will come move in too to enjoy all the good times! :)