Monday, December 20, 2010


Last week was a fun week for us. On Monday night we went to "The Forgotten Carols" with the Bakers. The show was so amazing. Michael Mclean did a great job playing John and we also got to hear Jordan Bluth sing some of the numbers. (he was awesome) The Forgotten Carols music has been such a great tradition for so many Christmases. In fact, Skylar asked for the CD for Christmas. I think he wants a little piece of home. Before the show we went to Olive Garden for dinner and you know how it is. "When your there....your with family."

A group shot

Waiting for the show to begin

Tuesday night we went up to Park City for dinner. This time we had the Allens with us. We ate at the Park City Pizza and Pasta restaurant. It was really fun with our big group. Superior had some gift certificates so we ordered a bunch of appetizers and ordered to our hearts content. Here we are posing by the PC moose:)

After dinner we took a trolley ride up and down main street. Woohoo!! Of course we had to stop at the Rocky Mtn. Chocolate factory for some goodies! Good Stuff!

"The lovebirds:)"

On Thursday night Rick and I had a night out. We first made a stop at the temple and then had dinner at "The Garden". It was a big night downtown what with the Tab Choir concert going on so we waited an hour to be seated. Actually it worked out well. After dinner we walked to Abravenel Hall and got seated for the Kurt Bestor concert. That was really we are at intermission. That night we stayed at Anniversary Inn and had the luxury of sleeping in. We left by 11 the next morning and spent the day Christmas shopping. It was a great week full of Christmas Celebrations!


  1. Looks like so much fun, I love Christmas time, there's so much to do.

  2. Wow--What a FUN-FILLED week!! And it sounds like you are CONSTANTLY "partying" 'cause you have the Bakers around all the time these days! How FUN!! I'm DELIGHTED that all you brothers and sisters of mine are getting to have such wonderful times and make such GREAT MEMORIES together!! I'm sincerely happy for you! Lots of Love to you all, and HAPPIEST of Holidays--Love, Karen