Friday, October 15, 2010



Alrighty comes part two! Tuesday we enjoyed the morning at a mercado about 30 minutes away from our hotel.
Gary had fun shopping for a belt. Mi familia leaving the market with their shopping bags!

That evening we got to go to the Mexico City temple to do baptisms. So exciting! We almost weren't able to because the only way we could do it was in coming with a group. We timed it so that we would be there at 6 PM to meet the group that was scheduled. Well, they didn't show up which meant there were not enough priesthood holders to help officiate. Come to find out there were 6 groups scheduled for the day and not a one showed up. Can you even imagine? It just so happened that while we were waiting a few brethren showed up to go through a session and the temple counselor asked them if they would help us with the baptisms. They were very gracious and instead of going through a session as they had planned they worked in the baptistry with us. What a wonderful, unforgettable experience for us!


On Wednesday our driver took us to Chapultepec Park. It is a HUGE park located in the center of the city. Here is a pic of Rick and Kenni feeding the squirrels!

A family picture. Notice that Gary is missing. He was invited by the boys of the ward to play basketball for their YM's activity that morning. Wasn't that cute of them? You might ask why the boys weren't in school. Well there are so many children in the city that they have to have 2 different sessions of school. These boys go to school from about 2 in the afternoon to about 9 at night.
Interesting, huh?

Kendra and I in front of the Chapultepec castle. It was very magnificent! A lot of the rooms were decorated just like it was back in the 1860's when Maximillion (Mexico's last king) and his wife Carlota lived there. They lived high on the hog while the people lived in poverty.

There is also a zoo in the park. Here is Rick trying to make friends with a Japanese monkey! After our day at the zoo we enjoyed a relaxing evening back at our hotel. We all crammed in our bed and watched Raiders of the Lost Ark on Rick's i-pad. It was a tight fit:)


Thursday morning we drove out to the edge of the city (about an 1 1/2 drive) to a place called Xochimilco. (pronounced so-shee-mill-ko) It is a neat place where you can take boat rides on canal built through the city....(kinda like Venice in Italy...except not really:) Here we are getting on our boat. In the back is Alvero. He was our driver for the week. I am soooo glad he was driving and not Rick. Way less stressful for all of us!

As we got into the main canal there were boats that would come up to us and try to sell us stuff. We listened to some guys play the xylophone. They were actually quite good. Rick and Kendra had to try the cooked corn like on Nacho Libre!

I bought some flowers from this lady.......

.....they're for Narciso's wife Ruth.

Gary being our captain.

On our way back in!

Before we left we stopped at the fruit market. You should see how they sell their chicken here....pretty gross! I do not know how these people do not get salmonella poisoning!

We took a bike taxi back to the car. Another memory:)
That night the Castenedas came to visit and say goodbye. Narciso brought some old mission pictures and it was fun to see them laugh and reminisce about the good ole' days.


Friday was another day of leisure for us. We strolled around our hotel's neighborhood. Here the boys are eating Tres Leches. They love that!

The monument by our hotel.

A fun flower stand!

What a wonderful vacation this has been. After months of wondering if we should even come (because of the bad things happening here) I am very glad that we did. It has been a spectacular place to see and what made it especially great was spending time with Narciso and his family. Now it is time to gear up for the long traveling day tomorrow! I can't wait to get back home!


  1. Wow! Everything looks so amazing and fun!! I can't believe that about the temple groups not showing, how weird, huh? The tres leches look soooo good. Now I really might have to make it to Costa Vida soon, to satisfy my craving!

    Love you guys. Good luck recovering from your trip!!

  2. Wow, Janell, what a great trip! It's so fun to see your pictures and read about your many adventures. Thanks for sharing--it gives us a taste of your neat trip.

  3. Thanks, Janell for your wonderful posts. I bet it is SO FANTASTIC for your Skylar guy to get to 'tune in' to these write-ups from time to time and get to see what his beautiful family is up to.!!~~(and it's fun for US to get to see, too!!) What a NICE TIME you've been having! Thanks for sharing! (see you tomorrow, hopefully!) Love, Karen