Monday, March 22, 2010


On Saturday Kendra and I drove down to St. George for a get-together with my growing up friends. I have known each of these ladies (except Karen) since age 5 when we started kindergarten together. Isn't that amazing.....that's 38 years! Jody (on right) lives in Hawaii so when she comes to visit her family on the mainland our group tries to get together too. We met at Deanna's house and had a BBQ. Some of us brought a few kids along and Jackie even brought along her husband (who is as funny as he was way back when) and had a good time mingling.
From left to right....Deanna (D'Alessio) Mckeighan, Me, Karen(Eckman) Rounds, Gretchen (Garner) Maxwell, Jackie (Chamberlain) Thomas, and Jody (Strickland) McCune. Toward the end of the evening Kathy, another friend from Jr. High stopped by also. We had a great time.... even pulling out the yearbooks so we could remember people. It's strange how you forget so much through the years. I was so glad to get together to remember the good old days and to catch up on what's happening now. It was good to see you all!


  1. I'm so glad you were able to get together! I meet once a month with my childhood friends and feel so blessed to do so. Luckily most of us still live around Northern Utah so we make it happen. It's so great to maintain such good friendships!!!