Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brian Regan Night

Last night was a super fun night! Rick and I, Brad and Ruth, and Darrell and Matt got to see one of our favorite comedians in person! Rick purchased tickets back in November and we have been waiting for this day to come. I personally have never been to a live comic show before and it was great! He is so funny and we all laughed until we couldn't laugh any more! We started out the night at a restaurant named Cuchina Toscana. It is in downtown SL and Brad and Ruth had been there before and recommended it. The food was great and we enjoyed the experience. DeeAnn had been planning to come with Darrell but at the last minute decided to stay with her son Austin who was having his 17th birthday.
Matt didn't mind a bit filling in for his mom.
Here's Brad and Ruth waiting for the show to start!

...and here's Brian doing his stuff. It was all new material and I am still amazed how he could go on so long without forgetting his routine. That's a LOT of memorization. For his encore he asked the crowd what they wanted from his old stuff. He performed "Pluto" and "Poptarts". As you can see we were clear in the back. Rick bought the tickets right as they came on sale and this is the closest we could get. Little did he know "they" added 3 more nights of shows after the fact. Anyhow it was a wonderful performance and it sure felt good to laugh!


  1. Okay that sounds like a fun date night if I've ever heard of one! I will have to try Cuchina Tuscana sometime. I'm always up for trying new places to eat! Glad you had such a fun night of laughter!

  2. love Reagan live! He's ten times funnier: did he do a sketch about Lobsters? I haven't found a recording of that anywhere but it's probably my favorite monologue