Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Washington D.C.

Last week Rick, Gary and I flew to D.C. to see our Skylar boy! He has been working there since April. This is the longest I have ever gone without seeing my red haired cutie! I think this is preparing me for his being gone for two years on his mission. He was happy to see us and doesn't he look GREAT!

This pic is taken in his apartment which I am happy to say was very tidy:)

He took the day off work on Friday and we took the metro (subway) down to the National Mall. This is the WWII Memorial.

Here we are on the Lincoln Memorial steps looking in the direction of the Washington Monument. It was very beautiful.

Inside the Lincoln Memorial. The place was FULL of people!

My guys at the White House. Gary wanted to meet Obama but I told him "maybe next time":) It is really quite the place. I would LOVE to see inside!

Skylar and I foolin' around in Chinatown. Actually we were expecting a little more out of chinatown, you know shopping and stuff like in NYC. Not even close. I did buy Kendra a package of chopsticks though. Let me tell you she was thrilled! (not!)

Those hats though....definitely cool!

Saturday Skylar had to work and our plane didn't leave until 5 so we went back downtown to the Capitol and the Nat'l Archives. I really wanted to see the Declaration of Independence but who knew it would take 3 HOURS just to get into the door.

I guess we'll have to go back in the middle of winter when there's less people.

On our way to the Nat'l Cathedral we got to pass many of the embassies on Conneticut Ave. That would be a great place for a walking tour. Our last stop was the temple and it was very beautiful. I Love Temples! We had about 10 minutes to walk around and take pics.

We barely made it to the airport for our flight.

Rick wanted me to post this pic. Yes we're still in love after 20 years!

I love that guy! He's the BEST!

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog! I am excited to be able to keep up on your lives. :) It looks like D.C. was a lot of fun.