Monday, July 13, 2009

Kendra's New Adventure

Last week we got Kendra moved into her new apt. She is excited (and a little nervous) for this new experience in her life. I am feeling a little (make that a lot) blue about her leaving. She is a dear friend to me and I will miss seeing her bright smile every day:)
Thank goodness for the cell phone! She shares a room (new experience) and I can see in this pic I need to get back there and help decorate her wall.

She started her esthetician schooling the next day. The first week she started off with mani's & pedi's. I got to be a model for her test at the end of the week!

This is the finished product! I think she did great! Next week is waxing! She's been growing her hair out all week getting ready to be waxed! (yes, it's driving her CRAZY) All I can say is OW!! I'll be out of town for this test. Thank Goodness! If anyone is interested in any services friends and family get half off the already cheap school prices. Let me know and all get you the info. Within the next few weeks she'll be learning facials. Sweet!

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