Sunday, July 2, 2017

Father's Day, The Phelps Reunion and Other June Happenings

This years Phelps Reunion was hosted by Brent an Lar.  Since Robin has been so sick and unable to plan a put on a reunion thee two stepped up and planned it all.  We had a really nice time.  It seems that this year's reunion was pretty small with only about seventy people but it was nice to visit with all who DID come:)

Brent, Rick, Dennis, Brad, and Hal

Jenni, Dalton, and Kallie

Karen and me and her fun cookbook. She typed up all of her favorite recipes and gave one to each of us sisters:)

Oops, this picture belongs on the last post but as it is here I will write about it.  We enjoyed the kids at our place for Father's Day dinner.  Rick requested halibut and shrimp so that's what he got!  Not my favorite but everyone else seemed to like it.  We had present giving after dinner and Mr. Rick got lots of ties:)  From me because thats what he wanted:)  I also was able to put all of our mission pictures in albums.  This was no small task but I got it done and he LOVES them!  Skylar and Sarah got him some movie tickets with a concession gift card and the others wrote nice notes to him.  

We sure love the father of our home!!!

Last Sunday we had a birthday dinner for John who turned 30 on the 15th.  Rick bbq'd up some ribs on the Traeger and they were sooooo good!  I made up some cheese potatoes and a salad and rolls.  This dinner was so much better than the halibut and shrimp from he week before!

This past week we picked the cherries from our trees.  We got quite a few this year because Rick and the boys put netting over the trees to keep the birds out.  Generally the birds eat EVERY SINGLE CHERRY off of our trees before we can get to them.  The netting kept them out for the most past and we got quite a few.  We were about a week late in picking them so some had already gone bad but we did get quite a few.

My first cherry pie ever!!

My cute littles!

Date night at the temple!

Loving summertime!!

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  1. Cool that you made a cherry pie!! I never have made one with FRESH cherries--I always just use Wilderness cherry pie filling, but I bet YOUR pie was really good!!
    We all really loved the information you and Rick gave on the Program at the Family Reunion. Kam and I were talking about it just lately, and she said, "I just loved hearing all those things they shared with us, and what was wonderful to ME, was that as we walked away from the program, Spencer (age 9) said to me, 'wow Mom, I thought all that stuff about their mission was really INTERESTING!!'" (Kamber was especially pleased that he felt this way because they have a really hard time finding things that actually INTEREST that particular boy....) So, see?? You said all the RIGHT things!! Thanks!! :)
    Keep on Loving Summertime!! Love, Karen