Sunday, July 9, 2017

ALASKA....not quite!

Last Saturday we were scheduled to catch a flight to Seattle than on to Juneau then on to Gustavus where we would spend a week.  Rick fishing with the guys and me hanging out with the Titmus family.  

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare and got on the flight without any trouble.  After the plane pulled away from the gate we sat on the tarmac for an hour.  At that point the  captain came on and said that they were having trouble with the pressurization system.  We then pulled up to the gate and disembarked.  After a while and some confusion it was made known to us that a part was being sent in to fix the plane.  It was going to be a couple of hours and we were unsure of when we could get out of there.  In the meantime rick was on the phone with Alaska Airlines trying to get us on another flight.  We needed to be in Seattle in time to get on our connecting flight.  Our layover in Seattle was three hours.  If we did not get on that flight we would not be able to get into Juneau until Monday.  At that point we settled back hoping that the plane would be fixed in time.

After a couple of hours they said the plane was ready.  Really??  We thought we were still waiting for the part to arrive.  We all got back on the flight only to have the same exact thing happen.  Pulled away from the gate and sat for 45 minutes.  Still a problem:(  We knew at that point that we were not going to get to Gustavus (our final destination until Monday afternoon.)  It was a real bummer.

Rick and I decided that we would NOT go back home but spend the night in town and have some fun!  An old broken down plane wasn't gonna put us out!  We ended up going to PF Changs for dinner and then spending the night at Anniversary Inn.  It was great!

Rick on the phone trying to get us to Seattle.  (Two phones to his ear.....talking to two different agents!)  LOL

Chicken Lo Mein, Sweet and Sour Pork and Walnut Shrimp.  Need I say more?

We stayed in the English Manor on the first floor.

         Love the breakfast that comes in the morning!

Sunday morning we just enjoyed our room and breakfast and watch a special patriotic Music and the Spoken Word.

Complete with stirring music and video.  Yes,  I cried!
I love America!

            Dressed in Sunday best ready for church.

We attended an inner city ward with a lot of diversity.  After church we stopped to visit Rick's sister Robin and her husband Ken.  Then we went to visit Shirley Barber who is in our ward and who has recently suffered a stroke.  After visiting we got home to an empty house (the kids were visiting in-laws) and made an impromptu dinner.

We were excited for the morning to come and to get off to Alaska!

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  1. Hey--all this stuff you got to do as a result of MISSING your flight, sounds like it was about MORE fun than actually being IN Alaska!! ha!! Isn't that wonderful that you could make fun memories on TOP of other fun memories!?? Love, Karen