Sunday, June 4, 2017

Phelps Happenings

Holy Cow!  I have not posted any of our family happenings on my blog since we arrived back home! This will be a picture overload but I want to make sure I've got a record of at least of few of the things that have been going on during the last half of April and ALL of May!

The week after returning home we took a trip down to St. George for our annual Road School trip.  This has been a tradition for many years.  Each year Rick would take one of the kids with him to Road School and spend some one on one time with them.  The children always looked forward to the time when they could go hang out with dad!  

Since the kids have grown and two of our sons are working in sales for Superior this tradition has trickled down to a family trip.  The girls and kids have a fun time during the day while the guys are "at work" and then we meet up in the afternoon to do some fun stuff:)  This year since the house was being used by Brad and Ruth we ended up renting a nice, new condo in Washington.   It had three master bedrooms with bunk beds in the two upstairs bedrooms so it worked out just right for our group.  We had fun eating out, spending time at the pool, watching the jazz in the playoffs (on tv, of course),  picnicking, and trying out the St. George Children's Museum.  We sure enjoyed our time with the fam!

The guys and kids at Road School

            The Children's Museum.....Henry trying his hand at "cooking"

Rafe in the hot dog stand.

                                Rafe "fixing" a sports car.

                     Dress up and show time for Rafe and Scout.

                        Princess Scout twirling for the crowd...(me:)

                                          Cute fire kids!

Pool time

We went to the Family Fun Center and did some bowling and batting cages.  It was fun hitting the softball.  It took me back to my younger years when I played A LOT of softball.

Rick......He hit one out of ten.....HaHa!  My NOT so athletic husband.
Really.....This is not true.  He always beats me at tennis!!  And sometimes racquetball.  
Plus, he can outrun me any day.  Anyway,  I love him whether he can hit a ball or not:)

At the end of Road School Rick and I drove to Vegas for a couple of nights to spend some time with my folks.  We had the great opportunity of listening to the North Stake Choir's Spring Concert.  My mom has been in it since it's inception, eleven or so years ago.
The music was so beautiful and inspiring!

We spent a few more nights in St. George (just Rick and I) and had such a fun time sporting around in the convertible.  We played the Red Hills Course twice.  We love this course so much!

          Had to stop at the food truck to try out the honey corn dogs!

Throughout the last six weeks we've been to a few of this little guys's T-Ball games. 
 Rafe loves T-Ball and is pretty good at it too:)

               Kaitlyn, Alyssia , and Gary each had a birthday in April.
                 We celebrated with a family dinner at Chuck a Rama.
              Good food, Good family, Good fun!

With the beginning of May we enjoyed Baby Animal Days at the Clark Historic Farm in Grantsville.
I wanted to spend some time with Haivyn so this was a good opportunity.

She enjoyed the baby animals.

Pony Ride


Skylar and Sarah brought theirs boys so we took a photo op at the tree swing.
Little cuties!

Haivy holding a baby chick.

We also got to go to a jazz playoff in May.  That night we had dinner at PF Changs and then took a bicycle taxi to the arena.  We ended up losing but it was still a fun night!

Free shirts in our seats.

 This little on had a birthday on the ninth of May.  Haivyn is now a big THREE years old.

The first part of May Rick and I made another trip down South.  We got word that my Aunt Alice had passed away and so we drove to Las Vegas to attend the funeral.  It was wonderful to visit with cousins that I hadn't seen for many years.
No pictures except this one of me and my mom:)

We have been to the temple a number of times.  This night we got to see all of our old friends in the baptistry and then did a session.  We enjoyed a nice dinner at The Garden afterwards.
Isn't the temple incredible!

A few weeks into May we got to drive down to Mapleton to visit with The Gillettes as they gave their mission report.  It was good to see them and other missionaries that have served int he UKM.

There has been lots of goings on since we have returned home from Africa.  My next post will detail our wonderful extended Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Good that you did this little "catch-up" of things you've been up to since you got home. Your time in St. George sounds like it was really fun. I didn't know about that Children's Museum there, but it's good to know for another time, perhaps.... I'm glad to read about these things and pleased that you are truly back into the swing of things!! Love, Karen