Monday, June 12, 2017

A Fun Night In Town

Rick called me on Wednesday when he was at work.  He said, "Let's stay in town Friday night than go to the Farmer's Market Saturday morning."  I said,  "Love it!  Let's do it!"  He reserved a room at the downtown Fairfield Inn.  Then on Thursday he texted with this message, "I made reservation for The Five All's."  This restaurant is one of our top favorite restaurants in SLC.  I was thrilled and told him so!  

First though, i wanted to post a couple of pictures of our day at the pool and playing with Haivyn! 

To begin our date before I left home I put the top down on the BMW and drove into the office with Mariah Carey blasting.  I picked Rick up and we made the hour drive to Ogden to have lunch with Alyssia.  She had never been to Buffalo Wild Wings so that was our destination.  We knew that we had dinner coming up in just a few hours so we ate light while Leesh got a full platter of wings to eat then and later.  She was also going to share some with Skyleer:)

I drove back into SL while Rick took a nap.  I have been wanting some Ruby Snap cookies since we got home from Africa so this was the night to do it!  A Penelopes, a Mia, two Marises, a Lilly and a Zoey.  RUBY SNAP!!  Heavenly cookies!

After we got settled into our room we headed over to our dinner.  All I can say is......WOW!  The Five Alls has such a romantic, atmosphere.  Plus the food is fantastic!  I had my regular.....Chicken Keiv and Rick had the Halibut Oscar.  This is a five course meal and neither of us could completely finish our meals but we sure tried:)  We topped dinner off with complimentary ice cream and then THE best macaroons on the planet.  We were stuffed!

After dinner we still had a good hour of light left so we drove up Millcreek Canyon.  It is one of my favorites in the valley:)

We enjoyed our room that evening watching a little TV (which is a rarity for us).  It was just nice being together and not having to worry about anything else:)

The next morning we drove the two blocks over to the Farmer's Market.  It was the opening day so overtime we purchased something we got a recyclable bag.  I love to use those so I was thrilled.  We got to sample everything from different salsas, cheeses, honey, and popcorn.  We loved the bakery breads and pastries!

I had an heartwarming experience while we were there.  Towards the end we wandered over to the ethnic food trucks.  this is a really fun place to be because everything smells so wonderful!  In times past there has been a Sudanese place.  We thought we might get a samosa for old times sake.  As we got up to the booth there was quite a line.  I just wanted to get up close and see what the ladies inside were dishing up.  The two ladies were in traditional African wear and head dress.  As I was watching one of them dish up food she started speaking to her customer.  I heard her East African accent and my heart did something strange.  My eye welled up with tears as I remembered.  I said, "I think I am going to cry."  Rick lovingly put his arm around me and guided me away.  It took me by complete surprise that I got so emotional.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we had FINALLY gotten a short note from Francis that very morning.  When Rick read it to me from his e-mail I said, "Would you please read it again?"  I didn't cry then but it came full force at the market with LOTS of people around.  Of course.

This was the first of many times at the Farmer's Market this year.  We love it!  Kudos to my awesome sweetheart for planning such a fun date!

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  1. This was fun to read! I'm glad you guys are back to doing these exciting little "stays", and good to hear ideas of fun things WE can do sometime when we come to Salt Lake! Love, Karen