Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Our First Baptism

Saturday we had our first baptism since Elder Phelps and I have been in Mbale.  We have been teaching and fellowshipping Betty and Teddy who are cousins.  We have worked along a couple of the branch missionaries that have been teaching them for a while.  The full time missionaries started with them a few months ago and then got moved out of Mbale.  That left the Branch missionaries and  us to help them get the rest of the way.  

It has been wonderful to see the changes come over them.  Especially Betty.  The first time I met her she seemed distant and kept questioning why she needed to be baptized when she had already been baptized. (In another church)  We explained to her the process of having the right authority to have God recognize her baptism.  She was very aloof but as we asked her to pray and listen for the Holy Spirit to guide her she agreed that she would.  (she was not very happy about it though)  

When we met with her the following week I could not believe the change that had come over her.  She was all smiles and when asked about how she felt about being baptized she said she would.  Her countenance had completely changed and I knew right then and there that she had done her "homework" and that the Holy Ghost rewarded her with a confirmation of what was right.

What a joy it has been to see her transformation. (not so much from Teddy because I believe she was prepared from the day we met her)  Now, it is like we are the best of friends.  They are so happy to see us when we stop by:)  Bettty told E. Phelps that when her and Teddy used to see the missionaries coming they would run and hide:-0

This is us by Betty's shop.  
She sells trinkets and does plaiting, an African weaving of long hair or braids into very short hair.

Here is a view of the baptismal font just outside the window of the RS room.

                                                             The girls are ready!

Here they are with Isaac, a Branch Missionary who helped to teach them.

The other person being baptized was Benard.  He is a member of the Sironko group.  Just before the  baptism started he completely disappeared.  We had no idea where he had gone.  Just after the second talk was given the Branch Mission leader came in to get some baptismal clothes out of the closet (that happened to be right behind the pulpit).  I figured Benard had shown up.  Yup,  the person that was going to baptize him was not dressed in white at this point so Elder Phelps baptized him as well.

After the baptism we heard testimonies from the three.  Teddy talked of how she felt so clean when she came out of the water.  Betty said that she felt the spirit and was so glad to finally be baptized.  Bernard said that he felt the spirit and was happy to be a member of the church.  I cried hearing their testimonies knowing how far they had come.  The Gospel is so wonderful!  It  literally changes lives!

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  1. How Wonderful!! What a Happy time for everyone!