Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Dream and an Answer to a Prayer

Today we had a neat experience that I want to share....and document:)  

We stopped by a sister’s home this afternoon because she needed a visit.  Earlier in the week her husband was taken to jail.  He is the EQP and is being charged with money laundering.  (Not sure if he's guilty or not.....)  His wife who has a 9 month old baby has wanted to meet with us for the last few days but when we tried to see her it didn’t work out.  So finally today we were able to find her home and pay her a visit.  She was in good spirits.  She is hoping her husband can come home on monday.  

Anyway,  we were at her home (with her sisters in law….one is the YW pres and the other is in the RS presidency)  and we talked to them for a little and even asked if there was anything we could do for them.  They didn’t mention anything and after a while and Elder Phelps offered to give Priesthood blessings.  They accepted and were so happy to receive them.  Before leaving I was asked to give the closing prayer.  I asked Heavenly Father to bless them with food and to be able to keep a roof over there heads.  After the prayer,  Elder Phelps asked point blank if they needed any food.  They all looked a little shy...... and then we knew.  He said, "What food do you need and we will get it for you."  She made a list for us and asked her sister in law, Francis to go to the market with me.  Rick needed to get to the church because we were supposed to help clean the church so with Sister Francis as my escort we headed to the Mbale Main Market.  But before we left.....

The wife said to us, “I guess I can tell you this now.  Just today I had a dream that you came to our house, and offered to help me.  And I don’t even know you.  Now I know for sure that God answers my prayers!"  And then she told of one other experience that she had earlier in the week that strengthened her testimony.  The very day her husband was taken to jail she did not have ANY money.  Neither did her sister in laws.   She made her husband some food to take over to him but didn’t know how to get it to him.  Just then a friend of hers from the branch had heard about her situation and came to visit.  Before leaving, he left her 20,000 shillings.  Enough to take a boda boda to the jail to give her husband some food and water.  That was a huge blessing for her.  It is wonderful how Heavenly Father answers prayers many times from someone else who is willing to follow a little prompting from him.  I am glad to have been involved with her little miracle today:) the market I went with Francis and another girl, Mary,  (who is fourteen and is one of our investigators)   It was a really fun experience shopping!  It is a HUGE market with sacks of flour and sugar and beans and rice and fruits and vegetables and bananas,  and gross meat sitting out on the counter, and peddlers.....etc.  The whole nine yards!!  Upstairs was the tailoring, main floor was all the food, downstairs was the clothing and shoes and bags etc… and down in the basement were second hand things.  Pretty crazy with LOTS of people.  The girls were taking care of me.  I kept hearing, “Sister Pheleps, be careful!”  Sister Pheleps, Is one Kilo ok”, Sister Pheleps He is charging too much!”  Sister Pheleps, close your purse, you left it open” and on and on.  These girls had my back and the best part of to was being able to help some members of our branch who REALLY need it right now!  They were so appreciative to us.  It feels good to serve where we can! 

A picture with the family.  Juliet, Jemeema, Francis, Francis (our missionary) and Mary. 

Mary, Me, and Francis

I need to take a video of the market 'cause it's really cool.  The meat department though.......!!!!

Outside of their home was this little homemade wagon made out of an old Jeri can.  I was thinking of Rafe and Scout's red wagon that they love.......

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  1. My My--that last little entry--with the pitiful wagon--brought tears to my eyes! I'm glad you were able to help that family like you did--and I'm thinking maybe you'd better take one of those girls to the market with you EVERY time you shop--to keep you on track! ha!
    It sure seems like eating meat that has been laying out like that would plumb KILL a person!!! Their stomachs must be adapted to it, though...
    Keep staying safe!! Love, Karen