Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cherry Hill and Lagoon

This year for our family reunion we did some camping at Cherry Hill water park.  We got there on Wednesday evening (August 3rd)  and set up camp.  Rick and I provided a lasagna dinner for the group.  After visiting and watching the kids play we called it a night.  We awoke the next morning for our fun breakfast at the famous Granny Annie's.  I really don't know how famous it is but we discovered this place a couple of years back and were impressed with the ginormous scones and it's been tradition to eat here every time we come to Cherry Hill.   

A delicious and filling breakfast for us all.

After breakfast we enjoyed the whole day at the water park.  Here's Haivyn wrapped up in a cocoon.

Lots of water time and treats for the kids.

Lounging in our spot in the shade.

Alyssia was able to join us.  We don't see her much so it was nice to have her.

Rafe relaxin with his momma's shades.

The Phelpses in the lazy river.

Grandpa taking an afternoon nap.

The girls playing.....

Sarah reading to the kids back at camp.

Friday morning we got up and headed over to Lagoon.  All the kids were excited for this!
Grandma, grandpa and Haivyn.  
We watched her most the day so the others could enjoy the 'big' rides.

This is a sweet picture on the carousel.

Haivyn and Rafe on the boats.

Naptime for Soutie.

A group shot.  The Phelpses were there for a few hours and then had to leave for their ward party.  Skylar was in charge of the dinner......

Gary joined us after his workday ended.  He joined up with the twins and John and had a great time!

Rick and I on the Skyride.  I love this one at night!

While the others went to ride The Samurai I got on the Giant Ferris Wheel.  It literally took my breath away it was so high but what beautiful views!

Tuckered out Rafe.
His daddy won him a stuffed superman!

Goodbye until next year Lagoon!  You have made our summer complete!


  1. Oh MY--you rode the huge ferris wheel ALONE??? How BRAVE of you!! What a FUN TIME you all had for your reunion!! The kids are SO CUTE!!

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