Monday, April 25, 2016

Road School 2016

Last week was the annual Road School Seminar in St. George.  Rick and I left home after church on Sunday and so we were able to be there for a full 5 days.  Skylar, Sarah and Henry joined us on Monday.  We enjoyed the week together golfing, playing in the pool, playing games and watching movies.  We also got to eat out a few times as well:)  

We bought a new pool chair from WalMart.  It is really cute!  (So is that guy sitting in it!)

 Sarah and Henry enjoying the warm weather.

We love the Red Hills Golf Course!  It was a beautiful day and the three of us had such a good time!

 On Wednesday I went to Vegas to visit my mom.  We had a really good time talking.  Mare came by for a couple of hours too.  It was fun to be together.

Here are the guys in front of their booth.  They enjoyed their time at Road School talking with a lot of people that they have worked with through the years.

Henry liked the big tractors!

After breakfast one morning we visited the duck park at the top of Main Street.  The ducks were eating out of our hands:)

We also enjoyed hiking (if you can call it that) above St. George.  We were there for all of a 1/2 an hour!

The view from one of the cliffs!

Grandpa and Henry time!!

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