Monday, April 25, 2016

Man's Night Out

A couple of weeks ago for one of our last Jazz games of the season the boys had a "Man's Night Out".  Since we had an extra ticket I was invited to be the "6th man".  I felt a little funny but they were all guys that I knew so it wasn't too bad.  

First, we stopped to have some Killer Mexican Food at Red Iguana and it was soooo good.  I haven't been to RI since the 90's but this place is still as popular as ever.  There is always a lineup to get into this place.  We got there early and still had to wait 40 minutes.  WORTH IT!!

Next we headed over to the game.  John had to work late so he met the guys at the game.  While they took our regular season ticket seats Rick and I sat a section over and one row up.  It was a totally exciting game and we ended up winning.  That always is a good way to end the night.  

It was a fun night out with the boys!!

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