Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Oregon Coast

A few pics from this years Phelps sister's Oregon Trip.  


Kathy, Jenni, and Karen enjoying the view!

I took this picture to send to Rick.  The ocean is so beautiful!

Here's a picture of all of us that went.....
Ruth, Darla, Me, Robin, Jenni Karen Kathy and DeeAnn

Lunch at Kylos.  Our table faced the beautiful Pacific Ocean:)

A few pictures of the beautiful house we stayed in.  Yes, that's Brad in the background.  He crashed our party.  He and Ruth took the long way home......driving!

My room mate was DeeAnn and this was our wonderful, comfortable bed!
Loved the duvet!!

I'm just sorry she had to put up with my snoring.

Or cute master bath.  That tub was sure handy after a chilly walk along the beach.
The color scheme was so calming.  I loved the color on the wall....a light blue.

Our comfy living area:)

This was a really enjoyable stay.  It was nice to sightsee, relax, read, watch movies, play games, and of course, eat yummy food.

The sister's trip is a great tradition!

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  1. What a nice, fun trip we had. And what a great selection of pictures you've posted!! Thanks for writing about this trip--I really enjoyed reading about it--AND going on the trip! ((I wrote a big comment all about it a couple weeks ago, when I first read it--but it must've not posted!!) :(