Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Temple Sisters

A few weeks ago when the temple was closed I was invited to have lunch with my temple sisters!  We met at my supervisors house and had a wonderful soup and salad lunch with the best pie ever for dessert.  Through the last (almost) two years these ladies have become very good friends to me.  I so look forward to spending time with them each week on my shift in the baptistry.  
They are really great ladies!

In the front is Gwen (my superviser), Eileen, and Jane
On the back row is Marilyn, Nancy, and Darlene.

I have never worked with Darlene because I took her place after she left.  This was actually the first time I ever met her.  Marilyn had to end her temple service last fall because of health issues and Eileen took her place.  Anyway,  I'm headed back to temple service today after about a 3 month hiatus because of temple closures and mine and Rick's travels.  I love the temple and being in the baptistry with all of the many youth that come in. And I love working each week with these lovely ladies!
 It is a great experience!

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  1. They look like nice, sweet ladies, Janell, and I'm glad for your wonderful association with them. I am really beginning to love the ladies "I" work with, too, in the temple. They are just so very helpful and kind. I think our 'best self' comes forward as we do the Lord's work there in His house! I'm glad you got to have that little luncheon.