Thursday, February 20, 2014

Destinee's Shower

A couple of weeks ago we had a bridal shower for Destinee.  It was thrown by her Liberty Landing cousins and the theme was "Happily Ever After".  She looked beautiful in her princess tiara.  
It was a fun time with stories of her beau and good food:)   

I was grateful that the cousins let me join in on the decorating 
'cause that's something that I love to do.  The dessert table was fun!  We had our banner read, "Eat, pink and be married!  

Julie made the cute princess barbie cake!

Kendra made these oreo cuppies!

Some almond shortbread cutouts to fit the theme.

Kallie made these chocolate cuppies.

Some framed backstitching...... 

Kendra made this one.

I love the color that these pillows brought to the fireplace!
I wish I had a a picture of the full fireplace.  It turned out really cute!

Mary, Sarah, and Maddie

Havelah with Destinee's friends

Some of the shower throwers...
Bonnie, Jenni, Kallie, and Hannah

Kendra, Julie, and Brittany

It was a good afternoon!!

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  1. Wow--I can't BELIEVE that I haven't commented on this post yet!! I was SO EAGER for you to put up pictures of Destinee's shower, and I even ASKED you about it!! Then I excitedly looked at the pictures and read your comments--two other times, and even had my friend Jamie check it out along with me, but I forgot to COMMENT and tell you how elegant and gorgeous everything is!! That Dessert Table looks LOVELY--and the "Eat, Drink, and Be Married" banner sounds cute. Doesn't Destinee look like a PERFECT little Princess Bride??? Thanks SO MUCH for posting this!! Lots of Love to you--from Karen