Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another trip to the Oregon Coast

The Phelps sisters took our annual trip to the Oregon Coast last week and had a wonderful time.  We stayed in Lincoln City in a different house than years past.  It was a nice place that overlooked the ocean and we really enjoyed it.  The house was a little closer to the water.  Only 30 something steps compared to 100+.  I did miss the view of being up higher as well as the rocks that are readily available to peruse when the tide is out.  Those attending were:  Darla, Karen, DeeAnn, Kathy, me, and two of our nieces, Kamber and Jenni.  We all sure enjoyed being together.  It was a great time to relax and have sister time:)  I sure love these ladies.  They are such a strength to me:)
Our view from our back porch. 
We had rain and cold for a couple of days but by Thursday the weather cleared.
Out looking in the tidepools! 
The tide was further out than we had ever seen which made for some fun exploring.
Kathy found a hermit crab and then she pried a starfish off the barnacles so that we could hold it.  There were lots of starfish!  They are really cool!
Our sisters trip is a fun tradition.  I hope we keep it going for many years to come!

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  1. Thanks for writing about our sisters' trip and for posting these fun pictures--bringing back fond recently-made memories. I, too, hope we keep this tradition up in the years to come. It's SO GOOD--being together like that!! (especially the delicious 'eating out'!!) :) All you sisters are just SO Wonderful and such great examples to ME!
    p.s. I sincerely hope YOU are having a marvelous time THIS week, too!! Love, Karen