Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rafe is Four Months!!

Rafe turned four months yesterday and Kendra wanted to get some pictures of him.  We set up in the music room and got to work.  Rafe wasn't smiling a whole lot but we did get a few cute pictures!! 
This first one looks so serious!
A few props for the naked shot!  Aren't those boots fun?
Finally a smile for us.
I love this one:)
One of my favorite close ups.
The cowboy hat looks more like a sombrero but it works:)
The session took about an hour and Rafe was a pretty good sport through it all.  At one point I started tickling him and he was giggling for me.  We love this little guy!  He brings a lot of happiness into our life.


  1. What a cute little boy. I'm sure you are having such a great time being grandparents. You just can't get enough of them.

  2. He is SO darling!!! I am glad that you got these fun pictures of him! It was great to see you all for a few minutes the other night before my kids needed me to put them all to bed! We love you guys!!!

  3. Oh, what a sweet, sweet boy! He is alredy getting so big, isn't he? I bet you were happy to see him again, after being away for a few days!