Friday, October 12, 2012


I love September!!  I think it's the best month out there.  Sorry April, June and December.  I love you too....just not as much.  For my birthday (yes, in September)  Rick and I went to the St. George house and it was great!!  We got to eat out, swim, visit my mom and two of my sisters in Vegas, and one day on the spur of the moment we took a drive up to Kolob Canyon with my parents and my sister Deanna and her husband Kelly.  They have been building a cabin up there for the last four years and it is finally finished.   It looks great!   Rick and I got to take a drive on a 4-wheeler around their property and then up to the resevoir.  The fall leaves were beautiful and we had a good time.  After our ride we came back to a delicious dutch oven dinner prepared be Kelly.  It was nice to be with them.

Then just a week later we got to stay two nights up Little
Cottonwood Canyon at Brighton with Rick's side of the family.  The beds weren't anything to write home about but again our walk around Silve Lake was gorgeous!  We also took a drive over Guardsmen Pass into Park City and that was spectacular too.  Anyway the Fall colors have been alive and well in Utah!  LOVE IT!

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